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I came here tonight to Live Learn Land in Hamil Road, Burslem ( a wonderful local resource for those of you who haven’t been), and the event is the Talk About Local gathering. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, being shamefully ignorant about all things technological (this means I can turn my laptop on and off and maybe a little more ‘stuff’, but little being the operative word), what I found were lovely, helpful, patient people (important for me as a novice) to help with ways of connecting and setting up blogs and social networking sites and much more. I have long held the belief that when people have a ‘voice’, things can happen. I have witnessed this with the Bizfizz project that when useful information can be accessed easily, people can become very resouceful and can help themselves in ways they didn’t previously¬†believe possible.

The result of this is that the Bizfizz project now has it’s own blog, how cool, and how useful! This site will now be used to post information, news and views and up to date information about the project, the clients and¬†any other related matters. I’m really quite excited about this now, some may wish they’d never started me off, I may not stop.

Many thanks to the Talk About Local team who are creating these events.

So here it is – watch this space, literally!


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Talk About Local

I went to the Talk About Local session at Live and Learn Land in Burslem tonight and learnt how to set up my own blog…..

The guys from Talk About Local were excellent.

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