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Whilst on Annual Leave during last couple of weeks I was fortunate enough to have been invited to take part in an extraordinary event in Burslem Park. On an intermittently sunny Saturday, a group of us gathered to re-create a much painted scene by the French Impressionists – Le dejeuner sur l’herbe.

Seven of us had been supplied with wonderful period costumes courtesy of ST6 Costumes of Burslem. The setting on the sculptured lawns beneath the beautiful trees was magnificent, and since this particular scene when originally painted, often featured a nude central to the picture, we had Becky, a beautiful young life model who, in the interests of public decency, wore very convincing flesh coloured underwear.

The gathering was arranged, some seated, some standing, some lounging. The group of artists, around 15 of them, began their magic. It was a very tranquil experience and most definately the longest I have ever stayed totally still, it was mesmeric. To be aware of the concentrated scrutiny of the artists was a very strange, yet delightful experience.

This particular scene was popular with the impressionists; having been re-created by Edouard Manet in 1863, Claude Monet in 1865 and Paul Cezanne in 1873 and others. Now it has been re-created in Burslem in 2009. For a brief look at some photos of the works follow; http://blurbonline.ning.com/

I believe that it is proposed, at some time in the future to have an exhibition of the paintings from this event. It will, most certainly be worth a visit, not least to show the diversity of the artists and different mediums.

Art again but in another way, yet still within Burslem, is the Barewall project. The first building now showing ever changing window displays of artworks by local artists on its barewindow. It is hoped that this will grow and develop and other buildings will follow with the offer of ‘barewall’ facilities. It’s a wonderful way for work to be displayed, can be utilised to bring empty buildings back to life and create exhibitions that everyone can enjoy. For more information about this project follow; http://www.barewall.co.uk/empty-shop-front-project.asp


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