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Just do it!


Currently in Stoke-on-Trent there is an amazing event taking place (3rd October until 13th December), the British Ceramics Biennial (BCB). The BCB is unique in the UK, bringing together both local and internationally famous names in the ceramics world.

For the latest information go to; http://www.britishceramicsbiennial.com

In Burslem, a small group of artists felt that they had something they could also contribute to this event and got together an impressive list of nationally known and local ceramic artists and created a very impressive exhibition in the glass annexe to Ceramica in the centre of the town.

It is impressive for a few reasons, firstly the wealth of talent that’s displayed (and it’s also for sale, so you could take it home with you too), the work is of extraordinary beauty and creativity; impressive also that, in this particular building, all this can be viewed from outside, so it’s a real 24/7 exhibition; and lastly, impressive because they put the entire thing together from idea to launch event in 1 week!  Thats truly inpressive by anyones standards. Oh, and did I mention it is Impressive!

Here are some of the names of exhibitors;

Local : Alex Shimwell, Ieva Alksne, Angela Munslow, Michelle Saxon, Carole Glover,

Kevin Millward, Phil Hardaker, Karren Shapley, Burslem China painters

National: Brian Holland, Penny Withers, Sarah Villeneau


Equally impressive ( that’s my ‘word of the week’) is the new digital student-to-student radio station, Varisty Radio. They go live on 9th November at 4.00pm.

The station carries advertising which is remarkably cost effective if you’re looking to reach that audience and Anthony would be delighted to speak to you about it if you’re interested in advertising.

The creators of the station are graduates from non other than our wonderful Staffordshire University, which is seeing a huge increase in students and producing some of the most outstanding innovation and creativity in the UK.


Burslem town centre, owing to many factors has seen a huge decline in footfall, and yet, is also growing a very vibrant and active centre of creativity. Creatives from all over the country are setting up in Burslem, drawn by the impressive (that word again!) heritage, and also by the extraordinary networks of creatives in the area who are collaborating, sharing and supporting one another in their endeavours.  It’s a really exciting and fun place to be, there’s always someone around with something useful to share and for so many, who, by the nature of what they do, might be quite isolated; but not in Burslem, they meet, chat, share meals, ideas and resources. Sometimes (allegedly) they go to the pub together too!

Something which might just assist this group and others too, is the new Burslem Market (It hasn’t got a name yet – ideas welcome). A monthly market which will offer really interesting goods and services to attract visitors to the town. Stalls will be situated around the Ceramica glass annexe so be very visible to passing traffic and also adjacent to good parking.

The first (pilot), will take place on Friday 4th December, 10.00am till 3.00pm – don’t miss it.


I have a client , John, who, having spent his working life as a self-employed plumber, had a heart attack and was forced to stop work for a number of months. During this time he began to think about what he was going to do with the rest of his life. As is sometimes the way with life-changing experiences like this, he began to wonder if he could earn his living doing something he really loved rather than go back to working as a plumber. For over 20years, as a hobby, John has built, restored and repaired classic motorbikes, and in the circle of people who know him for this, become quite an authority and is regularly sought out to solve any problems people are having with their bikes.

After Christmas, this will become John’s new enterprise. He’s also going to be running a bike recovery side to the business so those of you with motorbikes who want a roadside repair, rather than merely being towed to the nearest garage, watch this space – all the details and contact numbers will be posted here for you to access.


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